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Quality Control
Standard:IATF 16949:2016
Standard:CB For Lithium Battery Cells
Standard:UL1642 For Lithium Battery Cells
Standard:UL1973 For Lithium Battery Cells
Standard:Identification and Classification Report for Transport of Goods
Standard:Identification and Classification Report for Transport of Goods
QC Profile

At Bonnen Battery, we are committed to delivering high-quality customized lithium batteries for electric vehicles, boats, and energy storage systems etc. To ensure the reliability, safety, and performance of our products, we have established a comprehensive Quality Control program. This program encompasses various stages of production, from raw material inspection to final product testing, to guarantee that every battery leaving our factory meets the highest standards.

  1. Raw Material Inspection:

    • Upon arrival, all raw materials, including lithium cells, electrolytes, separators, and casings, undergo rigorous inspection for quality, specifications, and compliance with industry standards.

    • Samples from each batch are subjected to thorough testing to verify their chemical composition, electrical properties, and physical integrity.

    • Only materials meeting our stringent criteria are approved for use in production.

  2. Production Process Control:

    • Throughout the manufacturing process, each step is closely monitored to ensure adherence to standardized procedures and specifications.

    • Automated systems and skilled technicians work in tandem to maintain consistency and precision in assembly, welding, and encapsulation processes.

    • Real-time monitoring of critical parameters such as temperature, pressure, and voltage helps identify and rectify any deviations promptly.

  3. In-Process Quality Checks:

    • At various checkpoints during production, random sampling is conducted to inspect the quality of partially assembled batteries.

    • Visual inspections, dimensional measurements, and functional tests are performed to detect any defects or irregularities.

    • Any deviations from the predetermined criteria trigger immediate corrective actions to prevent non-conforming products from progressing further.

  4. Final Product Testing:

    • Before packaging, every completed battery undergoes comprehensive testing to validate its performance and safety.

    • Functional tests assess parameters such as capacity, voltage, and internal resistance to ensure optimal functionality.

    • Safety tests, including thermal cycling, short circuit, and overcharge protection evaluation, are conducted to confirm compliance with safety standards and regulations.

  5. Quality Assurance Documentation:

    • Detailed records of all inspections, tests, and corrective actions are meticulously maintained for traceability and quality assurance purposes.

    • Certificates of conformity and test reports accompany each batch of batteries, providing customers with assurance of product quality and compliance.

  6. Continuous Improvement:

    • Feedback from quality inspections, customer feedback, and post-sales performance data are analyzed to identify areas for improvement.

    • Continuous training and skill development programs are conducted to enhance the capabilities of our workforce and uphold quality standards.

    • Our QC program undergoes regular reviews and updates to incorporate the latest advancements in technology and industry best practices.

At Bonnen Battery, our QC program is integral to our commitment to delivering superior customized lithium batteries that meet the stringent requirements of electric vehicle, marine, and energy storage applications. By implementing rigorous quality controls at every stage of production, we ensure the reliability, safety, and performance of our products, thereby earning the trust and satisfaction of our customers worldwide.

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