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24V Marine Lithium Battery, Boat Lithium Battery With AL Battery Case For Electric Outboard Motor

24V Marine Lithium Battery, Boat Lithium Battery With AL Battery Case For Electric Outboard Motor

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:

Bonnen Battery


Compliance with MSDS, UN38.3, CE, CB, IEC 62619, UL

Model Number:


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Product Details
Optional (Bluetooth With Mobile APP)
Customization Options:
Can Be Custom Based On Project Requirements
Nominal Voltage:
Operating Temperature:
-20°C To 60°C
Communication Protocols:
Charging Time:
1 Hour
Battery Cell Type:
LiFePo4 Cell
Electric Boats, Electric Tender, Electric Yacht, Electric Outboard Motor
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
2 units
Special Offers Available
Packaging Details
wooden case
Delivery Time
30 days
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C, ACH, Fedwire Payment, SEPA Credit Transfer, Electronic Fund Transfer
Supply Ability
5000 units /month
Product Description

Product Description:

One of the standout features of this Boat Lithium Battery is its optional Bluetooth connectivity, which allows for seamless integration with a mobile app. With this feature, you can easily monitor the status of your battery, including its charge level, remaining runtime, and more. This level of control and convenience is a gamechanger for anyone who values peace of mind when out on the water.


Another key attribute of this Boat Lithium Battery is its fast charging time. With a charging time of just 1 hour, you can quickly and easily get back to enjoying your watercraft without the need for lengthy downtime. This is especially important for those who rely on their watercraft for work or other important activities.


In addition to its impressive performance specifications, this Boat Lithium Battery also supports optional communication protocols, allowing for greater flexibility and customization. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to take full control of their watercraft power needs.


Finally, with a cycle life of ≥4000 times, this Boat Lithium Battery is built to last. Whether you're a casual boater or a professional sailor, you can rely on this Watercraft Lithium-ion Pack to provide consistent power and performance for years to come.


24V Marine Lithium Battery, Boat Lithium Battery With AL Battery Case For Electric Outboard Motor 0



  • Product Name: Boat Lithium Battery
  • Customization Options: Can Be Custom Based On Project Requirements
  • Material Of Battery Case: AL
  • Charging Time: 1 Hour
  • Nominal Energy: 6.1KWh
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C To 60°C
  • Keywords: Boat Power Cell, Yacht Lithium Battery System, Watercraft Lithium-ion Pack

Technical Parameters:

Battery Information

The following table provides basic parameters for a battery item:

No. Item Name Basic Parameter
1 Nominal capacity 240Ah
2 Minimum capacity ≥240Ah
3 Watt hour 6144Wh
4 Nominal voltage 25.6V
5 Operating voltage range 20V~29.2V
6 Standard charging current 60A
7 Maximum continuous charge current 250A
8 Standard discharging current 300A
9 Maximum continuous discharge current 300A
10 Cycle life ≥4000 cycles (80% DOD)
11 Operating temperature -20~55℃
12 Storage temperature -20~55℃
13 Charging heating Yes
14 Shipment voltage ≥25.6V
15 Communication mode CAN/RS485
16 Size L594*W386*H261(mm)
17 Weight 62kgs


The battery has a nominal capacity of 240Ah and a minimum capacity of at least 240Ah. Its Watt hour rating is 6144Wh, with a nominal voltage of 25.6V and an operating voltage range of 20V to 29.2V. The standard charging current is 60A, and the maximum continuous charge current is 250A. The standard discharging current is 300A, and the maximum continuous discharge current is also 300A. The battery has a cycle life of at least 4000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge (DOD), and can be operated at temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 55℃. It also has a charging heating feature and a shipment voltage of at least 25.6V. Communication can be established via CAN or RS485, and the battery itself has a size of L594*W386*H261(mm) and a weight of 62kgs.



Bonnen Marine batteries are built with lithium battery technology, which provides exceptional deep cycling capabilities and reliable performance. These batteries are designed to withstand shock and vibration, making them an ideal choice for rugged marine environments. In addition, their maintenance-free design allows for versatility in mounting orientations.

Regardless of the specific type of battery chosen, our Marine batteries are engineered to withstand the harsh marine setting. They are constructed with durable components and feature exceptional vibration resistance, ensuring steadfast power on the water.


24V Marine Lithium Battery, Boat Lithium Battery With AL Battery Case For Electric Outboard Motor 1


Our Marine batteries cater to a wide range of boat types, including fishing boats, recreational vessels, sailboats, pontoons, and more. We guarantee reliable performance whether you're navigating the open sea, cruising on a lake, or enjoying river activities.



Bonnen Battery's Yacht Lithium Battery System is designed to provide reliable, high-performance power for your boat with the EM-LFP24-240A model. Made in China, this Boat Power Cell is compliant with multiple certifications, including MSDS, UN38.3, CE, CB, IEC 62619, and UL, ensuring safety and quality. The minimum order quantity is 2 units and special offers are available for pricing. Each unit is packaged in a wooden case for protection during delivery, which takes approximately 30 days. Payment can be made through T/T, L/C, ACH, Fedwire Payment, SEPA Credit Transfer, or Electronic Fund Transfer. With a supply ability of 5000 units/month, you can count on this Yacht Lithium Battery System to power your boat with ease.


Customize your purchase with optional Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to connect to a mobile app for easy monitoring and control. The Cycle Life of this battery is ≥4000 times, and it has a fast Charging Time of only 1 hour. Communication Protocols are also optional. The Yacht Lithium Battery System can operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C, making it a reliable choice for your boat's power needs.


Support and Services:

Our Boat Lithium Battery product comes with a comprehensive technical support and services package to ensure you get the most out of your battery:


  • 24/7 online technical support
  • Access to user manuals and installation guides
  • Regular software updates and firmware upgrades
  • Battery performance testing and analysis
  • Remote diagnostic and troubleshooting services
  • Product warranty and repair services

Our team of experienced technicians are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of support and services to ensure your Boat Lithium Battery performs at its best.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

The boat lithium battery will be packaged securely in a sturdy cardboard box to ensure safe transport. The battery will be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a custom-fitted foam insert to prevent damage during shipping. The box will be labeled with the product name, weight, and handling instructions.



The boat lithium battery will be shipped via ground shipping through a reputable carrier. Shipping fees will be calculated based on the weight and destination of the package. Customers will receive a tracking number via email once the package has been shipped.



Q1: What is the Brand Name of this boat lithium battery?

A1: The Brand Name of this battery is Bonnen Battery.

Q2: What is the Model Number of this boat lithium battery?

A2: The Model Number of this battery is EM-LFP24-240A.

Q3: What is the Place of Origin of this boat lithium battery?

A3: This battery is made in China.

Q4: What certifications does this boat lithium battery have?

A4: This battery is compliant with MSDS, UN38.3, CE, CB, IEC 62619, and UL certifications.

Q5: What is the minimum order quantity for this boat lithium battery?

A5: The minimum order quantity for this battery is 2 units. Special offers are available.

Q6: How is this boat lithium battery packaged and delivered?

A6: This battery is packaged in wooden cases and delivered within 30 days. Payment terms include T/T, L/C, ACH, Fedwire Payment, SEPA Credit Transfer, and Electronic Fund Transfer. The supply ability is 5000 units per month.

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