Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: It is expected that the production and sales of new energy vehicles will maintain a rapid growth trend in 2023

February 7, 2023

According to the news on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the 6th, the relevant head of the First Equipment Industry Division said in response to the reporter's question on the "Notice on Organizing the Pilot Work of Comprehensive Electrification of Vehicles in the Public Sector" that the production and sales of new energy vehicles are expected to maintain a rapid growth trend this year.
The person in charge said that new energy vehicles are the main direction of the transformation and upgrading of the global automobile industry, and also the strategic choice for China to achieve the goal of carbon dioxide emission reduction and high-quality development of the industry. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and through years of unremitting efforts of the industry, China has made great achievements in the development of new energy vehicles, mastered core technologies such as batteries, motors, and electronic controls, established a full-chain industrial system covering basic materials, parts, manufacturing equipment, and other industries, formed a sound industrial ecosystem, and laid a solid foundation for future development. Based on the research work carried out in the early stage and the opinions of relevant parties, it is expected that the production and sales of new energy vehicles will still maintain a rapid growth trend this year.
For the next step, the person in charge said that he would focus on five aspects of work:
First, optimize policy supply. We will establish a coordination mechanism for the development of the new energy automobile industry and coordinate the overall work of promoting the development of the industry. We will strengthen systematic research on major issues at the new stage and put forward policy measures and suggestions in a timely manner. Complete the revision of the credit management measures as soon as possible and guide the release of the green and low-carbon development roadmap of the industry.
The second is to ensure stable operation. We will improve the early warning mechanism for automobile production risks and ensure the smooth flow of the industrial chain and supply chain. We should strengthen international cooperation in resource development, promote the acceleration of domestic mining progress, actively carry out exchanges and cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the entire vehicle, parts, basic components, key materials and other industrial chains, crack down on unfair competition such as speculation, hoarding and selling, and take multiple measures to ensure the supply and price stability of key raw materials.
Third, support innovation and breakthroughs. Give full play to the role of leading enterprises and national manufacturing innovation centers, promote the integration and innovation of large and medium-sized enterprises, accelerate the technical breakthrough and industrialization of new system batteries, vehicle specification chips, vehicle operating systems and other technologies, promote the integrated development of "vehicle road cloud", and promote the integrated development of new energy vehicles and energy, transportation, information and communication and other fields.
Fourth, optimize the development environment. We will promote the issuance of the Regulations on the Administration of the Production License of Road Motor Vehicles and carry out the pilot of the access of intelligent connected vehicles. We will strictly manage production access and curb blind investment and redundant construction. We will work together to promote the construction of charging and replacing infrastructure, and strive to solve the problem of "charging difficulty" in residential areas and highways. Accelerate the formulation of the Management Measures for the Recycling and Utilization of Power Batteries, and improve the construction of the recycling system.
Fifth, deepen opening up and development. Continue to implement the opening measures of the automobile industry, increase the service support of automobile enterprises in overseas investment and financing, consumer credit and overseas investment insurance, promote the construction of public service platform for overseas development, play the role of multilateral and bilateral cooperation mechanism, and strengthen the communication and exchange between countries in trade, investment, standard formulation and other fields